You Don't have to be a rockstar to dress like one..

Custom leather dress

Some of our clients are rockstars & celebrities

We work with musicians, television, and cinema productions. Al Bane has served the musical community with leather goods, such as guitar straps, drum stick bags, and stage clothing for 30 years.  Pam has worked with many celebrities , as well. 

You may be mistaken for a celebrity, with custom-made pieces from Al Bane for Leather & Vampire Rock

With Al Bane for Leather's custom fitting process, you will look like a million bucks, because off-the-rack cannot compare to the richness of custom-fitted clothing.  VRC is the perfect complement.

We treat every client like a rockstar

The quality leather items from Al Bane & VRC are available to everyone, who receive the same level of expertise and professionalism as any celebrity.

Vast design capabilities

We have a very large repertoire of patterns and can customize them to your measurements and make style alterations to suit your vision. 

Adding new designs all the time

With their vast design experience, Al and Pam can put together a look for you that is completely original, if one of their more "standard" designs doesn't please you. 

Expansion plans

We have plans to add even more clothing and accessory items including branded jackets and other items for the entertainment industry and style-conscious individuals. 



  • Michael Jackson
  • Motley Crue
  • WASP
  • Warrant
  • Megadeth- Anarchy in LA- Rip Magazine
  • Tommy Henriksen- Alice Cooper/Hollywood Vampires
  • Joe Perry- Hollywood Vampires/Aerosmith
  • Johnny Depp- Hollywood Vampires
  • Chris Wyse- Hollywood Vampires/Ace Frehley 
  • Doug Aldrich- Dead Daises/Whitesnake
  • Dario Lorina- Black Label Society
  • Justin Derico- Pink/The Voice
  • Doro- The Metal Queen
  • Gilby Clarke- Guns n Roses
  • Phil Sousson- Ozzy/Last in Line
  • Faster Pussycat
  • Taime Downe
  • Drama Rama
  • Rudy Sarzo- Ozzy/Quiet Riot
  • Robert Roy Z- Halford/Bruce Dickinson 
  • Terry Ilous- Great White/XYZ
  • Dweezil Zappa
  • Michael Angelo Batio
  • Armored Saint
  • Jimmy Bain- Dio
  • DC4
  • Pretty Boy Floyd
  • Bullet Boys
  • Great White
  • Johnny Martin- LA Guns
  • Sam Bam Koltun- Faster Pussycat/Budderside
  • Ashes- Devil Driver/Jyrki 69
  • Michael Grant
  • Kara Britt- The Voice & Blake Shelton
  • Dan McKnay- Jack Russell's Great White
  • Kenny Kweens
  • Paul Casey & The Las Vegas Car Stars
  • Frankie Clarke- Frankie & The Studs
  • Marten Andersson- Dokken
  • Bjorn Englen- Dio Returns
  • Jeff Pilson- Foreigner/Dokken
  • Mandy Lion- WW3
  • Red Devil Vortex
  • Barry Pointer- Methods of Mayhem/Hillbilly Herald
  • Edge of Paradise
  • Johnny Blade (Nightsword)
  • Kami (Dante HH)
  • Shannon Bizzy
  • Son Loquaz
  • Vim Fuor
  • Leona X
  • And many, many more!

Tribute Bands:

  • Just Like Priest
  • Damage Inc
  • House of Zombie
  • Ozzmania


  • Star Trek: Enterprise
  • American Satan
  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
  • The Hateful Eight
  • The Hatred
  • Samsung VR Presents: The Night Before


  • The Sofia Project

Vampire Rockstar Pants

Faux Leather Bell Bottoms


Extra Small to Large. Designed to make your Butt look good! 

Faux leather- Vegan Friendly!

Shear Laser Cut Velvet Bell Bottoms


Extra Small to Large. Super comfortable! Comes in Bell Bottom as well as Straight Leg.

Al Bane 4 Leather & Vampire Rockstar Clothing Collaboration

Al - About Pam



I met Pam in February of 2018, when she came into my studio with her friend I was fitting....Her friend told me she had a fashion designer friend who wanted to meet me. Right away I realized that this was not your typical wannabe fashion designer. I was working on a project and I didn't really have time to be entertaining someone, and Pam picked up on that energy and started offering to help with little tasks. Punching holes, setting grommets, cutting out pattern pieces, a great assistant. I found Pam a joy to work with! 

 Her formal education is from NYU and Skidmore College in New York state, majoring in studio arts, and spent many years between New York, Paris, London, and Beverly Hills... Pam has seen Society in a way that most people haven't, and this gives her a unique perspective - a free-flowing organic style, is based in a combination of rock and roll and European styles. From tuxedo jackets to spandex leggings to wrap dresses - her designs reflect her artistic vision.   We decided to collaborate artistically on a couple of pieces. I discovered she has a completely different approach to the process than I do. I begin as a draftsman going to draw out a pattern - Pam has an image in her head.  She'll start cutting fabric without a pattern. In my world that's unheard of!  I found helping her was more fun than anything else.  

I showed her my formal pattern collection. I have been drafting and archiving patterns for decades. Any type of garment pattern I more than likely have one in my storage and if I don't, I can draft it up. 

Our first collaboration was a motorcycle jacket. It was more of an exercise in color pallet and formal construction...Pam combined colors and leather that I would not have used, and the result was phenomenal - a Cobalt blue and pewter biker jacket.  

That was the beginning of our partnership.  Pam's free-flowing creativity and my formal tailoring skills - here we are at the beginning of 2019,  let's see what happens. 


~Al Bane

Pam - About Al



When you hear the name Al Bane for Leather,  most anyone in the know will say his name stands for superior quality workmanship.

I had the wonderful fortune to meet this individual and come to see what all the accolades were truly about. 

Al Bane was, and is, a person who takes pride in everything he creates, down to the smallest details. 

Coming from a definitive rock and roll background that was the epitome of image creating, Al comes to the table as a master craftsman. 

He is a gentleman and does what he can to make a project work. As he always said, “No imagination too wild”.

I considered it a great honor to watch and expand my knowledge alongside someone with 30+ years of experience. 

Although I have been sewing since the age of 5,  I cannot say I know it all by any stretch. 

Creating beautifully made and aesthetically pleasing clothing is the goal for the future as we move into 2019 in this artistic collaboration. 

The first piece, a cobalt and pewter leather jacket marked the beginning and a wonderful start.

The second piece Al Bane and I collaborated on was Margarita Monets Dragon Coat for the music video titled Face of Fear - shot in Iceland, with her band, Edge of Paradise,  ~ April of 2018

Becoming acquainted with Al Bane has been and continues to be an honor and a privilege.

~Pam Vandervelde

Clothing & Leather Accessories

Serving Music & Film Industries for over 30 years


Al Bane For Leather has provided clothing and accessories for many high-profile productions, including Sons of Anarchy, Hollywood Vampires, and many others. 

Custom Leather


Can it be made of leather? Do you want it? Then you have come to the right place. Leather design is Al Bane's specialty. Customers keep coming back.

Customer Satisfaction


Al Bane For Leather's clients enjoy a high satisfaction level with the quality and timeliness of the leatherwork he provides. 

Vampire Rockstar Clothing


Leather enters the equation - Watch for new designs, coming soon. 

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